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Be Kind You Can't Rewind

Be Kind You Can't Rewind is a 45 min. program about being kind to others the first time because you can't rewind and do your actions or words over again.  Even if you say you are sorry it doesn't erase the actions or words. Children will love the message and the fun songs involved in the program.

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"Be Kind You Can't Rewind"
February 2016 Akademia Music Awards
Best Children's Song

"I Know How to
 Deal With a Bully" 
Best Children's Songwriter
Of The Year
Indie Music Channel
Hollywood, CA
"A Hero Story" 
February 2015 
Best Children's Song
Akademia Music Awards
'With tight acoustic production, a positive message and a memorable hook, Randy's Music Jam has created an exceptional original Children's song.'

Songs in the program:
"Be Kind You Can’t Rewind" -
Theme song with  actions.
"A Hero Story" - A song about
being the best you can be. Sign
language used with this song.
"You Didn’t Know" - An upbeat
song about giving others a
chance and getting to know
"Take a Walk In My Shoes" - If you took a walk in someone’s shoes you might find out that
what you say or do is very mean.
"Thumbs Down to Putdowns" - A song that encourages children to not put down other kids.
"I Know How to Deal With a Bully"
If you are being bullied here are
some tips on what to do.
"The Person I Want to Be" - A song that the kids take a pledge that being nice and kind is the type of person that they want to be.
Included with the program are classroom activities:
  • Be Kind You Can't Rewind - Writing activity.
  • A Hero Story - Journal writing activity worksheet.
  • Take a Walk In My Shoes - Lesson plan/Skit activity.
  • Be Kind You Can't Rewind Poster
My programs always begin and end with some of my Award Winning dance songs!
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All 7 song files, worksheets and poster!!
This program is also for Youth Church Programs.  A couple of other songs are added like this song "The Golden Rule"